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Peals of thunder echo across the barren plain, and a crack of white hot lightning splits the sky in two. Earth meets sky. As narrow tendrils of flame reach upwards, the bone-dry limbs of gnarled trees blacken, and a new era begins.


The tremor of an earthquake and the roar of a volcano herald its arrival, unleashed upon the world with the fury and gusto of the planet's molten core. It coils like a python, muscle and sinew tensed to strike, liquid rock flowing freely in its veins. Furious and beautiful, it takes shapes as storm clouds gather and the sky grows dark, illuminated in the inky blackness of the night when  lightning strikes.


Like a gleaming structure perched on the precipice of destruction, Chaos Music towers alone above a chasm of impossible depth and complexity.

Chaos Music is nimble and ferocious, a hydra that grows two heads for every one that it loses, a mythical beast of legendary strength and ferocity. 


Chaos Music is a digital ossature for artists and music-ians, breathing fire and life into each project, putting together its many great and terrible heads to instill clarity and form to the most challenging subjects.

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